China Matters

Fudan-European Centre for China Studies has the goal to strengthen the development and transfer of knowledge between China and Europe, and nuance the understanding of China's development and its global impact. In our second term (2017-2021) we have entered a period of institutionalization and consolidation, with a vision to provide high quality academic and policy products based on our unique research networks. 

As one of many activities to achieve this goal, the Fudan Centre is launching China Matters. China Matters will be published once a month, and will tackle the most prominent events which influence the current political climate both in and between the US, Europe and China. It does so by cutting through mainstream media discourses and providing insightful and nuanced perspectives on events which affect us all and transcends borders. It will serve the purpose of increasing Fudan Centre’s visibility and giving the centre a voice in the vast landscape of academic research networks, centres, and infrastructures.

China Matters pays special attention to events and developments relating to the Fudan Centre’s five core research areas: welfare and social policy; governance and political development; peace and conflict resolution; innovation and economic sustainability; identity and cultural dynamics. It will target a wide range of audiences – including the general public with an interest in China, journalists and political decision makers, as well as students interested in Chinese and global affairs.