Comparative perspectives of local governance in China


On Friday 27 October, the Fudan Centre in collaboration with ThinkChina hosted a seminar on local governance in China.

The seminar focused on the future of local governance in China following the recent conclusion of the 19th Party Congress, and asked: how can we understand local governance in China? And what does the 19th Party Congress tell us about the future of local governance in China?

The seminar was opened with welcoming remarks from Geir Helgelsen, director of NIAS and the Fudan Centre, and featured the following programme:

Peng Bo, Deputy Dean of School of International and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiaotong University:
“The Space of Responsive Local Governance: the Evidences from Shanghai”

Jørgen Delman, Professor of China Studies, University of Copenhagen:
“Climate change politics and urban green governance in Hangzhou”

Shao Chunxia, Head of Department of Politics and Public Administration, Tongji University:
"Campaign-Style Governance in China"

Chunrong Liu, Executive Vice Director, Fudan-European Centre for China Studies
"New Politics of Conflict Processing in Urban China"

Shinya Ueno, Head of Center for Policy Studies, Kumamoto University
"Rural Dynamics in Japan"


Prof. Peng Bo

Prof. Jørgen Delman

Prof. Shao Chunxia

Prof. Liu Chunrong

Prof. Shinya Ueno

Prof. Shinya Ueno

From left to right: Chunrong Liu, Shao Chunxia, Kasper Thor, Jørgen Delman, Geir Helgesen, Shinya Ueno, Peng Bo and Sanae Suzuki