1st NEWDAY summer course completed

From July 4th to 14th, 42 participants, with 19 from the Nordic countries and 23 from Asia, together with 18 lecturers and speakers, joined the first Nansen East-West Dialogue Academy (NEWDAY) at Nansen Academy, Lillehammer, Norway. NEWDAY was initiated and co-organized by the Fudan-European Centre for China Studies, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), and Nansen Academy.

Aiming to promote mutual understanding and foster harmonious relations between people East and West and between our future leaders, participants  were brought together to engage in dialogues, debates, workshops, and lectures through the competent guidance of high profile guest speakers and lecturers, including a broad range of international scholars from a variety of disciplines, people from NIAS and the Fudan Centre, and many others.

The topics discussed included some of the pressing challenges of today’s world such as the Korean Peninsula, new media and political populism, and climate change, as well as other topics such as education, the Nordic model, and cross-cultural communication. Furthermore, the program featured a number of excursions and artistic performances.

The program was structured as below:

Day 1: Introduction
Day 2: Grand Challenges
Day 3: Cross-Cultural Understanding
Day 4: Traditional and New Media
Day 5: Animosities in International Politics
Day 6 & 7: Green Agenda in a Good Society (a two day excursion)
Day 8: Science, Education and Society
Day 9: Memory and Identity
Day 10: Unity with Diversity

The Fudan Centre felt privileged to take part in facilitating the first NEWDAY summer course. NEWDAY was supported by a range of scholars from institutions in the East Asian region, specifically Fudan University, Tsinghua University and Shandong University in China; Kyoto University and Tokai University in Japan; and Yonsei University and Korea University in Korea. In the Nordic region, NIAS - Nordic Institute of Asian Studies at the University of Copenhagen representing a consortium of 27 Nordic universities, was the leading coordinator of the project, together with the Nansen Academy.

NEWDAY was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM), the Fudan-European Centre for China Studies, and the Nansen Academy with support from the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS).

For more information on NEWDAY, please go to NEWDAY's official website.

Read a full report of the NEWDAY summer course 2017 here.


NEWDAY 2017 speakers


Chen Zhimin

Professor, Associate Vice President, Fudan University


Yeom Jaeho

President of Korea University


Ollemic Thommesen

MP, Norway and President of the Norwegian Parliament


Katherine Richardson

Head of Sustainability Science Centre, University of Copenhagen


Choi Jong Kun

Associate Professor, Yonsei University


Daniel A. Bell

Professor, Tsinghua University, and Dean, Shandong University


Svein Sjøberg

Professor, Science Education, University of Oslo


James Wertsch

Professor, Head of International Studies, Washington University, St. Louis


John Jones

Freelance journalist and teacher in peace education programmes, Oslo

Ingunn Trosholmen

International Advisor Oppland County, Deputy Mayor, Lillehammer


Bjørn Bredal

Author, journalist, Head of Borup Folk High School, Copenhagen

Bent Nielsen

Associate Professor, Chinese Philosophy, University of Copenhagen


Lars Bo Kaspersen

Professor, Political Sociology, Copenhagen Business School


Zhang Lifen

Professor of Journalism, Fudan University


Unn Irene Aasdalen

Rector of Nansen Academy


Geir Helgesen

Director, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies


Liu Chunrong

Executive Vice Director, Fudan-European Centre for China Studies


Inge Eidsvaag

Author and former Head of Nansen Academy