First Workshop on Strengthening Nordic–China Cooperation: Country specific perspectives and issue-based analyses

The Fudan Centre and NIAS have received funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers to research multiple facets of Nordic-China cooperation, and to inform stakeholders and policy makers of relevant developments to this budding form of national-regional cooperation.

Partners from the Nordic countries and China have been asked to join us in this project by contributing policy analyses and country-specific perspectives to the cooperation. The workshop held on Monday 26 November was an opportunity for contributors to the project to engage in discussions and gain new insights to their thinking of the matter.

The decision to advance Nordic-China cooperation was announced following a meeting between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and the Nordic Council of Ministers in May 2017. The two partiesdecided to work together to strengthen existing cooperation and develop new initiatives, so as to overall strengthen and advance Nordic-China cooperation to the benefit of both parties.

Specifically, the following areas will be prioritized:

1. Entrepreneurship and business. The two sides will strengthen cooperation and enhance collaboration in green growth, maritime economy and bio-economy.

2. Sustainable development. In view of the Nordic countries’ advantage and China’s needs, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in energy conservation, emission reduction, clean energy and the development of green and eco-smart cities.

3. Science, research and education. The two sides will leverage existing cooperation and platforms such as the Sino-Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium, and further explore possibilities for exchanges.

4. People-to-people exchanges. The two sides will improve the existing cooperation platforms such as the Sino-Nordic Young Champions Forum and the Sino-Nordic Think Tank Roundtable, and strengthen cooperation in such fields as sports, culture, arts and tourism.

5. Welfare solutions. The two sides will increase exchanges and cooperation in the areas of public health, population ageing and labor market policies.

Excerpt from Joint Press Release Strengthening Sino-Nordic Cooperation.