A visit from Zhongshan Hospital

On 19 March 2018, the Fudan Centre hosted a delegation from Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University. The delegation was led by Professor Gu Jianying 顾建英, Vice-President of Zhongshan Hospital.

The delegation was in Denmark to learn from the Danish hospital sector and exchange experiences with local healthcare professionals. Among other things, they met visited the Kolding branch of the regional Sygehus Lillebælt located in the Southern Region of Denmark, which employs approximately 5,000 people.

At NIAS the delegation was briefed by Geir Helgesen and Chunrong Liu on different aspects of the Danish healthcare system, including universal healthcare and differences in the public and private sector. The cultural differences shaping Nordic and Chinese healthcare institutions were also discussed among the participants of the meeting.

Zhongshan Hospital delegation picture.jpg