Pre-Shanghai Forum 2018: China-EU Relations in a Changing World Order

On May 7 and 8, the Fudan-European Centre for China Studies held its annual pre-Shanghai Forum. Under the overarching theme ‘China-EU relations and Sino-Nordic Cooperation’, this year’s pre-Shanghai Forum featured a number of events, including a forum on ‘China-EU relations in a Changing World Order’ and a policy brief session at the Nordic Council of Ministers, with talks by Prof. Song Xinning (China Director, BACES) and Prof. Chen Zhimin (Vice President, Fudan University).

The central event of the May 7 pre-Shanghai Forum was the open forum on a ‘China-EU relations in a Changing World Order’. The forum featured presentations by colleagues from the Department of Political Science of the University of Copenhagen as well as Chen Zhimin, Vice Director of Fudan University and Song Xinning, China Director, Brussels Academy for China and European Studies (BACES). 

Prof. Ian Manners: “EU-China Normative Power in Planetary Politics”
Prof. Ole Wæver: “A Post-Western Europe”
Prof. Jens Ladefoged Mortensen: “Trade War”
Prof. Song Xinning: ”Understanding EU-China Strategic Partnership”
Prof. Chen Zhimin: “Managing a Two-Level Relationship with Europe”

The presentations were followed by open panel discussions moderated by Head of Department of the Department of Political Science Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen.