The Fudan-European Centre for China Studies was established by Fudan University in 2013 in partnership with the University of Copenhagen. The Centre is a strategic initiative of Fudan University to meet the growing demand for a more nuanced and balanced understanding of China’s development and its global impacts by engaging with and advancing high-level China studies in Europe. As a centre seeking excellence in knowledge creation and transfer, we focus on critical issues of Chinese politics, economics, society and culture through cross-disciplinary and comparative research.



We promote theory-driven, empirically grounded, policy-relevant research on China’s multi-faceted transformation in the context of globalization, marketization and urbanization. Our research covers five thematic research areas, within which concrete collaborative initiatives are developed:

  1. Security and peace

  2. Welfare

  3. Innovation

  4. Sustainability

  5. Identity



Our centre is committed to integrate and broaden academic resources on the thematic research areas identified above. It brings together leading experts and scholars, and builds active research communities through round-table discussions, lecture series, topical conferences, a visiting scholar scheme as well as joint research.



Based on the platform for humanities and social sciences of Fudan University and embedded in our strategic partnership with NIAS - Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, the University of Copenhagen and other European research agencies and institutes, the Centre is the focal point of a unique international network for knowledge innovation on China.